The jpcache project is more of a mini-project than a full-blown development effort.  I've used this application for a long time now and have found it to be an absolutely great addition to all of my pages.  In short it allows you to cache complex pages once they are generated and optionally compress the output on the fly as well.  This caching can effectively turn your complex pages into static pages, thus allowing you to server them up faster.  Additionally you can specify the time between page generation/cache updates from 1 second to indefinately.  The full explanation of how this mini-project came about can be found in the Mini-Project: jpcache blog entry.

This modification adds the ability flush a single page, all pages with an expire time or all pages (including non-expiring ones) from the cache.  You can learn more about this change from the jpcache Single Page Flush Mod blog entry.  Or you can simply download it here.

This release adds an SQLite database backend in addition to the previous file and MySQL database options.  Additionally it also contains a couple of bug fixes.  [Download V2.2]