This site is a repository for my software projects.  These are open source projects licensed (mostly) under the GPL that I have developed and are either publicly available or available for the asking.  For current information on the status of any project, click the Development link at the bottom left.  If you have any questions about these projects or anything else here at PolarLava, just drop me a line.

Developed to support my on going cycling habit and allow me to analyze several years of accumulated paper based logs.  I've never found the time, nor had the inclination to document and package this project, but it is freely available for the asking if you are interested.  Because this project isn't packaged for release there isn't a project page for it.  You can see it in action though on my Cycling page.

An open source web client interface for the MySQL database.  You can learn more about this project from its project page.

An open source embedded weblog solution.  You can learn how this project started by reading this blog entry or learn more about this project from its project page.

This project currently is in its early stages and not ready for release.  As such, it does not have a project page at this time.  This project's goal is to create a modern replacement for the defunct phpGiggle text keyword replacement application.  At this time there is no timetable for a release of this project.

I'm a weather junkie and there's a pretty long history behind this project that you can read about here.  If you don't care about its history, you can visit its project page to learn more about whether this might be of use to you.

In January of 2006, I assumed control of the Yapter project.  Yapter is "Yet Another PHP Template Engine Replica" and is the templating engine used on this site, some of my my projects, and on hundreds of other sites on the Internet.  You can learn more about this project by visiting its project page or you can read the blog entry about how this came about.  Yapter is licensed under the terms of the LGPL.